lemme know watcha got and ill give you an offer on it.

i just wanna have a bunch of stuff layin around so i can use it to repair my guitars if needed
squire strat 5 way switch 2 tone knobs and 1 volume knob $75 3 single coil pickups agathis body maple neck rosewood fretboard sunburst look at my profile comes with tortise shell pickguard small wiring problem with killswitch in it with the wires 2 only like 4 months old!
Dude, I have tons of 500k and 250k volume and tone pots, I have (I think) 3 push/pull pots, a bunch of 5-way switches, 3-way toggles, lots of wire, and some other random stuff sitting around. You can have it all for $25 shipped.
Good deals with: masterchief101; Abbott
Got the Bridge and Neck Alnico Chrome Covered pickups from Les Paul, NEW set of chrome Ping Machine Heads, Red HSS Pickguard, metal vol/tone knobs w/locking nut.

Let me know.