ok im planning on getting either a 6505 or XXX stack, but neither one has reverb. I have been using a Line 6 Spider III75 and always use the insane channel with the reverb at 6-7, and im so used to the sound that its really grown on me and i think that without it (on any amp) it sounds like ****. so what reverb pedal could i get? i was looking into a EHX Holy Grail. is it any good?
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having had experience with both, I find myself liking the holy grail more. The verbzilla has more settings but most of them are useless/sound bad. Occassionally they will sound cool or be useful but it takes alot of time. Im also not at all a fan of the tonecore pedals, which seem to be extremely noisy on occasion. The holy grail is cheaper ( depending on where you look) and sounds fantastic. Ive also had zero noise problems thus far.
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