ok, this is going to be a little weird. i cant believe i'm even at the point of having to say this, but i guess i am and i didnt feel like talking about it to anybody i know in person.

EDIT: its kindof long, i didnt mean to make it that long but i guess it gives you the context.

i dont know why i've been acting like a total douche bag for the last while, but i guess have, and it's made me seperate from my friends. 3 months ago, i used to be pretty tight with my friends. we drank & smoked weed together, partied together, most of us have played school football together for years, i've been in the same hockey league as some of them since we were like 7... you get the point.

i guess everything started about 3 months ago. at that time i got kicked out of my dads house for swearing at him when we got into another fight over my mom, and i was defending her. but its weird, because i dont even like my mom. actually i can honestly tell you that at times its very hard for me to even love my own mom. she's like some lady that i'm tied to, but i wish i wasnt. she's emotionally unstable, nerotic and always stressed out. it got to the point where i dont even want to live with her anymore, and i try not to. i'm living with just my dad now (he let me back in a couple weeks later), but i think this is what started everything.

at first i didnt think the stuff with my parents was affecting me, i've always just ignored it and tried not let events outside my control affect me. it was probably a bad idea to bottle everything up about them fighting for so many years, cause after i got kicked out of my house, my parents were fighting again, my friends bailed on me, i dumped my girlfriend (i broke up with her probly a week before any of this), i sort of broke down, even cried, which is just sad. i cant even remember the last time i cried before that, but it was like everything bad that could happen, did happen, all at once. now that i think about it i was definitely starting to acting different, and over time my friends started to call me less. now, 3 months later its gotten to the point where they dont even call me to play soccer or b ball, or even to chill at all. lately i've just been hanging out with my best friend since kindergarden (we drifted appart but chill every now & then, he goes to a different school and doesnt know anyone from my school) and his buds for the last bit but not all that often, and now i dont have any legit group of friends from my school, which sucks. i've been staying in alot more lately and havent gone to nearly as many parties. i've pretty much been ex-communicated from them, and the fact that i'm even writing this is just sad. i never thought i could go from being the guy that i was, to a ****in loser.

my question is, what can i do to get back with these guys, or should i not even bother? i could find some new people to chill with, but thats kindof weird, since i'm going into my last year of highschool and everyone's already got their groups of friends.

any thoughts, ideas, suggestions are appreciated.

But seriously, have a sit-down-chat with your friends and family and talk it out.

Can you give us a semi-short summary. I'd be glad to offer advice if I don't have to read an essay beforehand.
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ok first of all sorry for the fact that ur parents are fighting i know it can suck. anyways try and patch things up with ur friends first. this is a must and tell them ur situation and that ur sorry and they will understnad. then they can help u get through the problems with ur family and u can talk to ur parents and try and get them through it if at all possible. and even if u say u don't really like ur mom u do and if anything happened to her u would miss her alot. same thing is probally true with ur dad. don't let the only friends u have go away from u then u will be alone and this will just make everything worse. hope that helps

edit: oh and last year of high school enjoy it as much as you can. It will be the last year u get to hang out with ur friends and dude if u are still stressed just smoke some weed and mellow out it will take ur mind off of things temporarily.
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Stuff like this is pretty common among people with chaotic homes. If you don't even love your mom, then you're dealing with some problems. Your life is a mess right now, and maybe something about that freaks your friends out. I'd focus on getting your life together and improve aspects there first. I bet once you start doing that, your friends will slowly come back.
That's about all the advice I got.
Best of luck to ya!
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Whatever.. do what you think is best.. lol
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Just cheer up and it will give you the will to hang with your buds. I know its hard to instantly cheer up but sometimes you can. Just sing really really loud and badly. I dont know why but that usually puts me in a way better mood. Or just call them and ignore what i just said and see if they want to hang and see what they say then.
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if its your last year of high school, to hell with your friends who wont even support you in your family crisis situation thingy.

focus on getting good grades and applying to university/college whatever. you will find much better friends there. from your first paragraph it sounds like you dont think much of studying, but use the opportunity of having fewer distractons to make yourself more attractive to colleges; do some extracurricular stuff, join a band, whatever will fill the time until you finish your last year.

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