So I'm a pretty basic guy when it comes to the guitar, I'm the beginnerest of beginners, and I don't plan on taking any lessons to get better. But this thread isn't about that. I was wondering if I should get a certain type of guitar based on what genre I play? I know that with electric guitars different woods make different sounds, and it is probably the same with the acoustic guitar, but I don't know what type of guitar I should even be looking at. I like punk rock, and although there wouldn't be a lot of tunes on the acoustic for my taste, I would also just like to learn catchy songs on the radio. I don't need anyone to tell me exactly what guitar i should buy, but just someone to help point me in the right direction... maybe what brand makes a good guitar for my taste, or just what woods im looking for. nothing too expensive, maybe under $300 (Canadian btw)... and i know there is a thread for under $300... but i didnt think that was quite the right thread for me... seeing as im teh uber n00b(flame me if im wrong ).
honestly for beginner guitar it doesn't matter what guitar u have. just really deciding between electric and acoustic. if acoustic i would recommend a yamaha i have a cheap yamaha and it has lasted for a long time and sounds pretty good.
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If you go acoustic, get a Yamaha. It's what I did and it seemed to work out well.
Seagulls and Epiphone Masterbilts are my personal favorites but there are lots more in your price range out there.

they are very good beginner guitars. I'm a super noob too (playing since december) and I made the mistake of picking up a $150 guitar first. As soon as I could play barre chords I had to upgrade. Dont make the same mistake as I did. If youre serious about learning to play make sure you get a quality guitar.
I use the Yamaha F-325 that comes in the gig maker pakage mentioned up top and its held up well for about 2 years.
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That epi you looked at isn't waht I would consider a good deal. In your price range you probably want to find something a solid top.
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Dean makes good $300 acoustics. I own one it's great, it has a good set up unlike most acoustics in that price range, and make sure the guitar is easy to play compared to others that you try out.
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ok thanks for everyones help, i think ive got one. i am tired of shopping around right now so this is what ive settled on for now... but i might look around again later seeing as i wont be buying for awhile yet... heres a linky and tell my if this guitar is ass? thanks

I have this guitar, and it's a very nice guitar for the price! Of course it's no Martin or Taylor, but then again, it's only $120 US. It's durable as well as having a pretty good sound. I recommend ditching the strings that come on it asap, since those hold back the tone of the guitar quite a bit.

And if you don't mind spending a bit more ($200 US), you can look at the Yamaha FG700S - One of the best acoustics for the price range. That one plays smoother than the DR-100, and also has a slightly thinner neck (might be something you're considering, I don't know). The back of the neck is also the "sanded" type of finish, rather than the polished finish of the DR-100's neck, which makes it better if you have sweaty hands when you play.

I have both of these guitars, and either one you really can't go wrong!

Also get light gauge string while learning for the first while it'll be easier on your hands.
you aren't too uber noob for the under $300 thread stickied at the top of the forum. that thread is perfect for you. it's exactly what you are looking for and has considerably better advice than this thread thus far.

also, as for tonewoods and such.... in your price range it doesn't really matter. you aren't going to get any solid woods on the back and sides so the kind of wood is somewhat negligible. anyway, your choices are going to be between laminted: mahogany, sapele, nato, maple, cherry, and maybe indian rosewood. it really doesn't matter which you get.