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I love the intensity behind Rage Against the Machine riffs

i dont know if it's just tom morello pushing a jcm800 really hard that is creating such powerful tone for his riffs, but it's awesome nonetheless

is there any other bands out there that have that same intensity in their riffs?

I know muse has some pretty badass riffs that liven up their songs, what other bands are there?
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Audioslave, next best thing

Also, its Tom Morello pure-friggin-awesomenesss that makes his riffs sound the way they ( friggin awesomely ) do.
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oh yeah
i already know about them as well

is there not anyone else?
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Well tbh RATM are fairly unique. Unless you just want something with similar bass, similar guitars, similar vocals, etc. But to find a combination is too rare.
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Early Incubus? Black Sabbath? I don't really know what to tell you. Just figure out who Tom plagiarized in each song, and listen to that band.
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Cypress Hill, Public Enemy, early Incubus, early RHCP if you want the rappy funky stuff.
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