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my parents are in chicago right now ( i live in PA ) so either way i burnt the kitchen floor how do i fix it i really need help
uh the floor is sorta like a plasticy thing, it stretches when i pull it, i think theyll b back this weekend
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Your floor is made of plastic?

Who are you? Gumby?

I wonder if Gumby's flammable...

TS, they won't be back till the weekend? Why the hell are you worrying now, then? Worry on Friday.

basically the center is gone and the edges is black and curled up n stuff, its a white floor
Quote by soulflyV
Your floor is made of plastic?

Who are you? Gumby?

Ahaha, that gave me a good chuckle.
lol wut

i say don't even think about it until they come home and just wing it
Get a new floor?
Seriously though if it stretches and stuff it sounds like its removable. Try to find out what it is and how much it would be to replace it. Also, what is under the floor? like under the center where it has been burned through. Also, depending on how you did it (or how you say it happened) it might not be that big of a deal.
What? is it vinyl flooring?
go down to Home depot, or home hardware. idk what you guys have, im canadian.or even a flooring store or something, and bring a sample of your floor, get a match, patch it up...
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Ahaha, that gave me a good chuckle.

damn it, made me laugh too.

TS post a pic of the damage and maybe we can help
I'm guessing it's linoleum. Just go get some more. It's not like it's going to cost a fortune. Just spare some of the money they left you for food etc to cover up your epic fail.
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Paint it white. After all, paintin's fun!

Painting's fun is you're a gullible little bitch, maybe.

They should have told him to **** off and paint the goddamn fence himself.
It's called linoleum, and it's easy to install.
It'll cost you some money, but your parents will be happy with a new floor!

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Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.


use white out. hahaha

Russell Peters for the win,

but yah, umm firstly how did this happen,

secondly, pay for floating wood flooring to get put in, and "suprise" them with a new wonderful floor, because you love them

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where are your parents at in chicago? i live pretty close, i could lure them to a farm but i hear the guy has an itchy trigger finger. i'm sure they'd be ok though, i'll even check up on them and make sure they are delayed a little bit then you can celebrate fixing your floor by having some chili i'll send you.
um tell them the truth i'm sure they'll understand. or maybe not then ur screwed.
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Quote by soulflyV
Your floor is made of plastic?

Who are you? Gumby?

OMG...that's too good.

To the OP. Just fess up and tell your parents what you did because they will find out sooner or later no matter what further stunt you try to pull to fix it which may just make it worse.
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You can't replace vinyl and not notice its brand new. Your just going to have to own up and figure out how your going to pay for it. And you need a gas torch to lay vinyl if it goes slightly up the walls. Plus contact glue.

If its made of those square tile things then its a peice of piss to fix. You just need contact glue and some new tiles. But you have to match the pattern up lol.
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