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23 41%
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12 21%
Voters: 56.
Guitar or Voice?

Guitar - You can add and change ALOT of **** on it, pickups, whammy, effects, tunings.

Voice - You can make more sounds then a guitar, say words (which there are million of), and just look at beat boxers. There are probably sounds we haven't discovered yet.

I don't know, there are alot of effects and things like that for guitar, but the voice has so many variations of what it can do, such as different words.. An average 22 fret 6 string guitar has 132 notes. Now with a voice you can say all those different words in different notes, like you could say banana low, higher, higher and keep going higher till you can't anymore, then move on to pineapple and do the same thing. But on guitar you could couple the effects with bends, whammy, blend effects together, etc. Then you could do different tunings and do all that stuff again in another tuning..

So, in your opinion, what's more versatile, guitar or voice?

I suppose if you can't choose, there is always the talkbox :p
True. There's no winning.
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Every instrument has it's advantages and disadvantages.

Take piano, for example. It has a much wider range than guitar, you can play chords that are impossible for a guitar to play, yet you can't slide fluently, or do harmonics or bands or any of the techniques you can on guitar.

They're simply different.
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Guitar or Voice?

Guitar - You can add and change ALOT of **** on it, pickups, whammy, effects, tunings.

That's customizable, not versatile.
Vocals are used in more types of music than guitars, therefore the answer is voice.
EDIT: jhtm has a point too.
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Well I was going to say voice, but if you are allowed to manipulate the tuning machines and whammy bar I would say guitar.
It's easier to hit the highest and lowest notes, plus you can make chords.

Also, there might be more than a million words

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I cant hit as high or as low with my voice as I can with a 24 fret guitar
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- its free
- it makes a wide variety of sounds (not just notewise but also in tone, there are a lot of different techniques)
- words
- you dont need to practice 10 hours a day to shred
- easier to control
- probably more that i cant think of right now