I think that was great. It sounded like a great rock instrumental and had a nice ballad type feel to it. Good job man.
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A guitar made of wood?
That's such a ****ing brilliant idea!
the F# to A makes it sound weird lol

but its like a modern rock/pop thing.

linking park thing.. reminds me heaps of "what ive done"

(i had to hunt that down, i don't listen to linkin lol)

but, not classifiable as metal.
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Cool, thanks for the comments, keep them coming...yeah about the Linkin Park thing, I know, it's just cause I like my songs to be accessible I guess. Keep the comments coming!
It was extremely well harmonized and it goes to show how theory can go a long way. That being said, it was way to pop rockish for my taste, no offense. I still like the fact that you know what you're doing though. If this is your taste than keep it up, it was great.
None taken. Yeah, that's what the 4 years in band were for....you start to just hear the right note you know? Keep the comments coming.
n offense, but that was freakin awesome, i like every second of it, the only thing that didn't fit was the weird chords during the verse? or chorus?
other than that it was awesome nothing wrong.
it was all good for the most part

the chords for the left and right guitar tracks for measures 29 - 36 i thought were a bit odd sounding, i dont know if that was the sound you were going for or what but it just seemed a bit off

The chord changes in measure 49 for the lead guitar track seems a bit unpractical. I dont know if you can make that leap from the 3rd to 10th fret or the 1st to 8th but i sure as hell cant lol

other wise great job...8.5/10
I like pretty much all of it. It was all good and pop rockish type of thing but for some reason in the beginning when the guitars came in i got an urge to listen to some Coheed and Cambria haha great job over all.
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Yeah, I kinda wanted the guitars to sound that way on the Chorus. For the huge impracticalities, that was because I didnt want to create a new guitar part. Its meant to be played by two guitars. More comments?
dude, that was frikken sweet. I can't see anything wrong with it besides the fact that it got kinda busy at times. not too bad though.

and the part where the quiet bridge went into the loud final chorus/solo/whatever was truly orgasmic
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