First song I've ever completed by myself. Leave a message on YouTube as well as on here if you'd like


EDIT: Fixed up with more professional equipment by my drummer, and didn't do the falsetto for the chorus. Singing is still a little rusty and the guitar solo I'm not very fond of, I have a million different ideas for it and just had to go with one. Added it to my UG profile and to Myspace, go for which ever you would like.


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that's one hell of a song man.. youre good... what kind if chord progression did you use?
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wow thanks for everything guys! Just wait until you hear the full out electric version! I use a Boss DD-7 and a random Ibanez chorus pedal to get this crazy spacey sound. When my drummer gets back from Nashville (he has all the recording stuff) we'll finish it and put it up here

Guitar was tuned half a step down so it was easier to sing in, but the chord progression went as follows: C, Cmaj7, C7, F, F minor, C, A minor, F, G, C for the verses/chorus. The bridge/prechorus was kinda different with a D minor, G, C repeated three times, and on the third time you go down the C major scale
I like the progression on this...very nice and chill sounding. The only advice I can give is basically what scottss7 was saying, when you get around to recording it, for the falsetto verse, try singing that regularly, then get someone (a girl preferably) to sing that higher part. I think that would make it sound really good and add a lot to it. Great job overall though.

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oh sorry, the old falsetto part isn't a verse, it's the chorus

i ditched the falsetto, i was tryin for something that would sound different than the rest of the song. thanks for commenting though! check out the new version please

This is a nice effort man. The only thing I'd do if I were you is turn the guitar down a tad. That way, the vocals would be more upfront. Overall, nice job on this. I like the vibe.