My friend just bought a Godin 5th Avenue Archtop Acoustic Guitar for his first (hes never played) guitar. He only saw a pic of it on some site and bought it for 500 bucks. He asked me for advice about that type of guitar... i think he could do better and cheaper. Do you have any advice I could give him. BTW its not for me.. I have an electric cheap pawn shop epiphone that sounds great.


To Cheers, I have played an archtop before.. sounds nice. However, it's his first guitar and its 5 hundred dollars. I think he should get something less pricy and more durable for a first guitar. Also, he hasn't even touched this guitar, hes only seen it in a pic. Personally I think you should at least pick up a guitar and play it b4 you buy it. BUt........ Id like to see more opinions. I hope this helps Cheers.
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Never played one myself--I'm assuming you have. Might I ask how you figure he could do better and cheaper? What are some of its drawbacks? I might be able to help you then.

EDIT: Yes, I do agree that he should have at least tried out the guitar before he bought it. As for spending $500 on his first guitar, that's fine if he has the money for it.
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His decision. The 5th Avenue sounds pretty decent, especially for the cash. You won't find a new acoustic archtop for that sort of deal (steer clear of the Synchromatic by Gretsch; it's a horrible ripoff).
Sincerely, Chad.
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