My Les Paul's fret buzzing at the 9th on the A and D. Uh oh

I'm overdue for a setup anyways. Question is, at Guitar Center, how much are they?

Also, i have a pretty bad crack in my nut and am going to need to replace it. How much do nuts run for?

Depends which Guitar Center, living in Australia, I'd have no idea, I set my own guitars up too so I wouldn't know, but nuts are generally really cheap, under $10 here in Australia.

Are you sure the buzz is because of your nut? the action on this strings may be too low or there may be a slight raise on your frets, especially if it's only the 9th fret.
I've played around with the bridge and still get fret buzz, so i'm not entirely sure. I just know i'm in need of a new nut because of the crack.
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I just got my guitar set up and a new nut. cost $50 each.

whoa, how many nuts does your guitar have?
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whoa, how many nuts does your guitar have?

He's gotta have atleast 12 nuts .

But on a serious note setups at my local GC run $60 plus $30 for a new nut purchased and cut from them. I say take some time and do the setup yourself until you get it just right for yourself. Good learning experience and its better than a general setup (unless you have a personal tech).
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whoa, how many nuts does your guitar have?

I think he means, the setup was 50 & the nut was 50.
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still, $50 for a new nut is still a bit expensive.
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