I just want to know the UG idea about Larrivee guitars. Do they worth the price?
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Larrivee makes very nice guitars. Some people think their tone is a bit bland while others really love it. No matter what you think of their tone, the quality of construction is very high.
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well, I think "no answer" means it doesn't worth.

Don't listen to this guy. Larrivee's are great guitars for the money.
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and yes, larrivee guitars are great quality.
Great quality. There's no question about that. Larrivees are one of the most solid feeling guitars in my opinion. I do not like most Larrivees, but that's just because the sound isnt for me. I know plenty of people who love them though.
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Another thing to consider with Larrivee is the age of the guitar. They switched a few years back to a new factory here in California for the majority of their production. The high end models made in the original factory in British Columbia are supposedly more desirable.

A friend just picked up a used LV-09 from the Canadian factory era. It's all indian rosewood sides and back and sounds absolutely wonderful. I "borrow" it quite often.


edit: This is not to imply there is anything wrong with the quality of the current production guitars. They are all top quality guitars.
I bought an L-05 fairly recently (like 2-3 months ago), am over the moon with it. Personally I love the tone of it. I didn't get on with their "D" models though, they sounded a bit dull to me.

My only complaint is those plastic tuner buttons, why any company uses those things is beyond me. Nothing but hassle, mine broke after about a month after I bought it. No biggie though, just swapped the tuners.

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I have an OM-03 and love it.

And just to clarify about the factory locations, the 03's are still made in Canada, while the 05's and higher series are made in California.
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