Hello guitarmaniacs!

I need a little assistance on the matter of using the thumb for chords. Because when I'm playing the normal barred chords (F, G, A and so on) it's not a problem doing the chords with my thumb, however I've been trying to learn these using my thumb on the root:


It's the chord with the root on the 10th especially that's bugging me. I tried doing them barred aswell, but that does feel a bit odd. Do I just need to learn to stretch my fingers and thumb enough, or can my hand size be a problem? I wouldn't say that I have a big hand, but it might just be more annoying for some people than others?
I think you need to work on stretching, those are very tricky and awkward chords, I'm having a hard time doing them myself and have pretty big hands, although for the those i don't barre or use my thumb (which i try to avoid when possible since it promotes bad hand positioning), I play it with just my four fingers one on each string.
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Are you trying to learn neon, by john mayer? If so, i suggest just learning to stretch your fingers for those chords. I suggest picking up a couple stress balls or something like that, to strengthen your fingers. It will also make your fingers longer.
Thanks for the replies. Yep, it's John Mayer's Neon.

I kinda shelved the idea of using my thumb. So I'm just using a finger on each string for now. I might go improve my finger strenght as well, sounds like a good idea.