Never thought I'd be asking for relationship help in a UG forum but here goes: I am dating who I see as the perfect girl for me. There really is no question about that in my mind. We both recently graduated from college, and I moved about 5hrs away from her; we didn't really talk a whole lot at the beginning of summer just with all the job searching and other random craziness going on, but when I finally had a chance to go visit her, I went right away. This ended up being the worst few days of my life as she wanted to break up due to lack of/miss-communication. I spent the next couple days depressed out of my mind, the worst part about the whole thing was I sent her flowers while together that didn't get to her until after we split. But after pouring my heart out to her, we decided to give it another shot and agreed to talk with each other more. I don't know what to do.. I want to keep her close and I know she has to still like me. I mean when you open your heart to someone like I did and they don't freak out and distance themselves, there must be still be feelings there. But I don't want this 'second chance' to feel forced and staged that eventually fades out and goes nowhere but back to the split-up. I feel really adolescent and ridiculous asking for help in this way but I want this to work out more than I've wanted anything. She is visiting me in a few weeks, I can't help wondering if she thinks this or that and how she must feel about certain things when I have no idea how she really feels, it puts me in these crazy mood swings thinking over it. What do I do? God this was long...
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I have no advice for ya man, but I seriously feel for you. I have similar feelings at the moment and their not exactly the best feelings to have.
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