This is my new song. Kinda not so heavy near the beginning, gets heavier and less heavy etc. I made a wave version of this, guitars mainly sound the same as the way I have my RSE (I use my own tone) but drums are ten times better and synth is 100x better. The only programs I used for the WAV are FL Studio 5 (The free one) and GP5. I got the drum sounds from Acoustica Beatcraft. At one point in the WAV the drums cut off for about 3 seconds. This is because Guitar Pro's ritardando system doesn't translate well to FL Studio so I had to do it to straighten it out. Do you think the WAV might fool a few of my friends into thinking this is a real song by a real band? I'm not sure if I will add vocals yet, considering I suck but can sound pretty cool when doing lots of effects on my computer and fake screaming.

Anyway about the song itself, it's the most melodic work I have ever written, hands down. I think it's about on the same level as Bubble Toad in just general goodness, but Bubble Toad isn't as catchy as some parts of this.

Anyway C4C, and be sure to check out the WAV too. One more side note, the drums in the WAV had the chinas and splashes cut out for whatever reason, but they still sound fine. Also the WAV is actually an MP3, considering how insane it would be to upload/download a WAV with dialup.

MP3 Link:Messenger MP3 6.91 MB
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Hmm...Upon first listen, it sounds like a bunch of dudes like aciding a part together. Like, random riffs that don't go anywhere. Still, even with random riffs, there tend to be some good ones sometimes. As for the "Pass as a band" thing, not really, I tried it with my guitar pro, it didn't go very far. If you're looking into recording stuff like this in the future, I recommend two things. First, if FL studio supports it, try DFH (Drumkit From Hell) its my favorite drum kit software, especially for rock/metal. Also, my favorite guitar tone in Guitar Pro is Top 30 - Grunge Distortion, it sounds best. IMO, the guitars sound like nearly real, but computer sounding sometimes, like a computer beep put through distortion, and the drums sound like an over EQ'd MIDI. Ok, rant done.

You must not listen to prog. Also my friends know jack about music, and rarely listen to it.

EDIT:Eh that sounded pretty jackassy of me, all I'm trying to say is you must not know the kind of sound I'm going for really, but thanks for the crit and I'll probably get yours tomorrow.

EDITEDIT: Forgot to put prog in the title, I feel like an even bigger jackass.
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I liked it all the way up to the end of the accoustic part. After that it sounded a touch random and not like you'd thought about it. Started sounding like Necrophagist or something. Which if you like them is fine, but to me it sounds like random note spamming a lot of the time. When it got to the breakdown part, that was pretty cool. I liked the weird rhythms you had going there. Also when the bass was doing it's thing and the guitars were holding that power-chord I could barely hear the bass. Maybe it's just my dodgy speakers with bad bass response. The guitar riff after that wasn't bad, but a little repetitive. Overall not too bad, but I think it kinda went downhill after the clean bit.
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Nah I listened to like a minute of the MP3 if that then didn't bother listening to the rest. I don't know why but I prefer listening to a GP tab so I can watch what's happening. Weird eh.

And yeah I think it's my speakers. It's not like I've got some awesome audio setup, just a pair of computer speakers. However if I used my good headphones that would have given me more bass I suppose...
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