It's in the profile...
I know that vocals are a little off in timing this was just a quick recording..i'm sure that i will go back and fix them tomorrow.
crit is greatly appreciated
I actually listened to both of your songs. The recordings are pretty rough, but sounds good! Nice blend of rhythm and fill playing on Say It Aint So. Keep it up! I've got a recording on my profile if you want to check it out.
thanks man...i'm recording with a crap mic running through my korg multi pedal to my computer..so until i get some sweet mixer i'm afraid that my recordings will be bad lol..
Haha. You should see my recording setup. Just about the cheapest thing you can get.
Ever heard of a PS2 game called Singstar? It came with 2 microphones that plugged into a USB port. I use that on my computer, and use one mic for my amp, one for my vocals. I record with Audacity. They're actually decent mics, considering they came with a video game.
yeah..i've heard that the mic that came with rock band was supposed to be decent for recording an amp