I seem to be playing the same things over and over again,.
i'm 16 and been playing since i was 8, i know a lot of scales and a few years back been learning about modes, i seem to be stuck with the dorian, i dont know why, its probly favourite.

However, i dont seem to be progressing asmuch as i used to and i dont know what to play song wise, i love metal and rock, but i also like to play some blues, yeh yeh,... someone told me it's good to be versitile, so i'm not restricted to one style of playing,

can anbody please help me out ? i'm at a dead end at the minuete, is this normal for everybody ?

i would be greatful for help, . .thankss

Mikey =]
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Amen brother, i feel the same way

it's a bastard isnt it, i dont even know what to do about it lol.
get some instructional guitar DVDs; either buy or download (1lligally)

those should inspire some new tricks/licks

I would say get some guitar books, but most people don't like reading anymore...
DVD's, i might give that a try,. what about youtube lol ?

i know people like paul gilbert have videos on there, .

thanks a lot . =]
if you want, either IM me (venustraphobia77)

or email me (zypher4023@gmail.com)

and i can give you some websites with licks, or show you some of mine, if you have guitar pro 5.

i can also tell you which DVDs i have and which i recommend you to try, if you want.
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that would be a great help , thanks, i\ll e-mail

nice dude, glad to help. look forward to ur email.