Hey I've got a MIJ '92 Squier waynes world 2 strat.

Problem is, the electronics are getting old and were pretty crappy to begin with.
The pickup selector fuzzes when you touch it, the tone knobs are messed, and the puck ups pretty much suck.

Obviously theres loose wiring and poor shielding, but I dont have a soldering iron or any experience.

Anyone know of any good electronics or pickups or a combo I could pick up for a good price? I'm just looking to get the best bang for my buck at around $100 (too low?)
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I'm looking at replacement pots and switches combos on ebay, and is there a real difference between the ones pulled out of a 2008 american strat and the 60s 62 usa, 69 re issues? Whats the difference between them all?