Hey, I just tried an Epiphone Casino yesterday, and was completely blown away with the feel and sound of it (through a Vox AC15CC1, the amp I'm going to buy in a hopefully not-too-far away future). But I thought it would be nice to have a list of famous Casino players.

I'll start with some:

John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Robbie Robertson (on King Harvest), Noel Gallagher.

Feel free to post pics or videos!
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Paul McCartney called it the best, all purpose guitar.

Here's mine sitting in front of my AC30CC1. I like to play it thru my Fender DRRI, too, just like Lennon. It's even more all purpose with the Bigsby.

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i love you slats.
I want a Casino so badly.

Slats, that pic is really bad for my GAS. I'd almost got rid of it
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Wow, thats a really nice colour on the Casino too Slats
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Pretty sure The Edge used one in the video for "All Because of You", though he recorded the song with a Strat.
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hey hendrixfanatic,

keep in mind that you were playing that guitar through a tube amp, which is probably most of the reason your ears were so impressed. You might want to look into getting a tube amp if you already dont have one.
Hey slats I like that casino.

Btw we have the same kitchen table, along with the chairs.