sorry for posting twic ei just need a good answer
i have a FR system, so you would think it woudl never come out of tune.but now it comes out pretty fast too, constantly tuning the bridge tuners drives me nuts. only changes have been switching from standard to halfstep tunign which really isnt far and adjusting the action. whyy/1?!?!?! iv ebeen told i might need to adjust the springs? if this is true i have no idea what to do, never had a FR before.
please help
also will this mess up my neck
May I suggest you take a look in the FR setup sticky? you'll get more help there...
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urgh i would hate to drop tone my FR at all. that might be it. either that or you are doing something wrong in tuning it.
im not changing dropped tunings, i just want to keep it in 1/2 step tuning at all times and for some reason it doesnt go along with the idea haha, alright ill check the setup thanks alot
well if you arent actually changing the tunings it shouldnt make a dif.

my advice for you is to watch a guitar tech tune/set up your guitar properly so you know the correct way to do it. i thought i was doing it right for ages but i actually wasnt. i watched the guitar tech do it and now i know im doing it right and my guitar behaves a LOT better. if only i had a tuner....