What a sound. Clear and full. I liked all of the songs, but Wednesdays was the best I thought. On the Monday's song I got the sense that I was landing on an airplane.

Did you record two of you @ the same time or was this one @ a time and mixed later?

What did you record with (instrument mic or electric/accoustic)?

Excellent stuff.
hey moxioron, thanks a lot

I track all the parts myself... they range from solo to 6 or 7 parts, depending on the day and the song

i use an australian guitar called a Maton, the model is an EBG808L, it's a folk-sized acoustic made from Queensland Walnut... it has a built in pickup made by maton called an AP5... it has a great clear sound so i just DI straight to Logic via a MOTU 828mkII firewire interface. I also record a simultaneous reverb track using a TC electronic G-force, but that's it.

i don't have enough money for a good mic/pre/compressor setup, so anything else would sound cheap without a load of effort... this is fast and reliable and consistent... and true to the tone

at mixdown i use Logic's on board compressor for clarity, pull out a few frequencies that boom, a fade out and it's over.

if you want some more info on the concept of the project, or wanna hear some of the past 130 melodies you can go to dailymelodies.com

i'd love it if you could share it with anyone you think would dig it... thanks again mate!
I will pass it along and look forward to hearing more of your stuff. You have a great ear for mixing as well. The recordings sound flawless. BTW, today's song was nicely done...a lot of harmonics.
hey thanks man! really nice to hear the mix is up to scratch, not my forte...

and yeah, i've been really liking the harmonics lately... the acoustic is such a nice producer of them...

appreciate the ears and the support dude,
dan cabs