I am Looking for a new amplifier to gig with to replace my Marshall Mg,

I have been looking at a few diff amps, Vox Ad50Vt and Marshall Avt 50.

I play a mix of genres my main genre is Hard Rock/Metal Metallica and Slash sort of sounding.

My Budget is around £200-£250

AnY Suggestions?
The Vox series is actually very good for the price, they are very versatile and the effects are nice. You may also want to look at a Laney V15 but I'm not sure what they go for, they sound great though, abd they're valve. Also the Roland Cube 60 is good, not valve but I think's its under your budget also.

The Avt series isn't great, I mean it would be better than you're current amp but not by miles, so I wouldn't get it. But the most important part is that you try out these amps if you can, and check www.harmony-central.com and the UG reviews on the amps that you're considering.
A laney vc30 maybe a peavey classic 30, look on ebay and you might find a good deal on something.
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The Laney LC15 and VC15 are both in your price range.


The epi valve standard is in there aswell

Any of the above amps will slaughter your current amp
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