Hey everyone! I'm thinking about getting a Roland Cube 20X... It's got effects such as Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo and Phaser built in... how good are these effects? I know what Tremolo does, but have no idea about the others. What do they do?

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They sound pretty good as I recall. There is a damn good vid on youtube of a guy demoing the effects.
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Yeah, search Johnny De Marco, he demos them. He's a bit of a laugh but he's an astonishing (I feel dumb, sp?) guitarist and a great demoer. He goes through the effects. I think theres a video of the 20x, if not then look at the Cube 60 video and you'll get an idea of them.
chorus is like a doubled-up sound. it duplicates the signal, and kinda "wobbles" it a little to give slight variations in pitch and timing to give the image of more than 1 guitar playing what you play.

flanger works similarly, but delays and modulates the duplicated signal more, usually at a slower rate too, so the variations in pitch and timing kinda grind against each other and make a sort of dissonant sweepy sound.

i'm not sure how phaser works, but its like a flanger only more airy and wooshy.

yeah, it is difficult to put flange and phase into words. very psychadelic effects. these effects were originally used in the mid/late 1960s to go with the psychadelic music, a little fact is that John Lennon came up with the term "Flanger", as the effect was first used on his voice (during the Revolver sessions).
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