Hi my name is Mike Chambers, 52 years young and still mad about guitars, almost as much as I was when I was sweet 16 (arr..! the good old days) a Bells catalogue (pay weekly guitar and amp catalogue) and the dream of being a rock star.
With those days far behind me now, a lot of gigs since gone I have a more relaxing lifestyle, of being at work then returning to my lovely wife and being told “Your to old now to play that thing” that thing being my beloved Telecaster and Strat, self builds. My answer to that is “I don’t get much of a chance to play with anything else these days”.
With the band now only a thing of the past, my enjoyment is found by putting a collection of various parts together (mostly from Ebay) and building a Custom Axe.
Now for the plug, looking to put a gallery together on my site of Custom selfbuild guitars, so if you have some pics and info please email them to me at spmbc@msn.com or visit the site at www.customaxe.vndv.com
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