does anyone know how to set up a zoom G2 for a good wah setting. I'm wanting it to play the solo to enter sandman + memory remains. I'm wanting it so it doesn't interfere with the tone i'm getting from my amp and pedal combination because I quite like that (Marshall MG100DFX + Behringer Dist/Overdrive).
Also how do i turn the pedal off mid song or how to quickly get a cleaner setting?
You'll probably get a lot of advice here to replace your Marshall and Behringer with something else, but to answer your question, if you step on both footswitches at once, you go to the tuner, which bypasses the effects and just sends a clean signal through. Stepping on either of the footswitches again brings the effects back in.
To be honest you won't get a decent wah sound out of it. To turn the bypass on press both buttons at once
Um, you just turn of the drive setting and everything else that isn't the wah portion part, and put the wah on (you turn the drive setting of put stepping on 1 footswitch) and there you have the wah with your amp tone

By the way, you can change the wah significantly by messing with the tone knobs.
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whos idea was it to have bypass mode activated by pressing both buttons.. i need a bigger foot
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lol i agree!
it also means that you have to either position your foot oddly or position the pedal in a awkward way.
thanks for the help guys (Y)
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The older zoom had bigger pedals so was easy to hit both at once. Not sure what they were thinking with the new round buttons.