Yeah i was playing the s5470 in a guitar shop (unplugged) and i thought it was really nice. the 24 frets with inlays really makes me like this S guitar. the looks are good, although not fitting for heavy metal but im not either. it feels great as well and sounds good unplugged. despite it being small and very thin, it is actually quite heavy because of its mahogany body. similar to my rg which is probably twice as thick.

i didnt get to plug it in so i was wondering how the pickups compare to other good ibanez pickups. eg. evo, paf, mojo, dimarzio ibz ect. any experience with this guitar?
Early on in their release there were major complaints of sustain issues. Something that was a MAJOR flaw. That may have been fixed in later productions of the s5470 but definitely test the sustain on the CLEAN setting of an amp. distortion exaggerates sustain.

Sustain issue pages:


For those who care.
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on one of the threads they said it might be due to the stronger magnets in the higher output pickups. that sounds most likely to me. with the upgraded hardware it should have better sustain. it probably just depends on how far the hotter pickups are from the strings.
just read on the ibanez website. the middle pickup is high output because it is meant to be put further from the strings and still have good sound. so the middle pickup is meant to be far from the strings.