Anyone got one? I fancy one over a PRS and Carvin because of the prices are they as good?
I know someone who has one. It's nice but I would imagine a PRS would be better (and would have more bling) - but then you aren't paying as much. I haven't played it thoroughly and I've never played a US PRS either - so I guess I'm not too helpful. Best bet is to find a store that stocks them.

I wouldn't have thought it would be worth it if you don't live in the UK/Europe.
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if you can get one of the early- to mid- 90s ones from when mr eggle was still at the company, those are the really cool ones. The newer ones, while still very nice (at least, the couple i've tried), aren't just as nice and don't seem to have as good QC.

Also I disagree about PRS being better. I've played a bunch of PRSs, and several eggles, and eggles are easily as good. As pedal says, though, if you aren't in the UK or europe, PRS (and other similar makes) will be much better value, and eggle likely not as good value.

I have two eggles, by the way, an early 90s one and a newer one (not a berlin, though, i haven't tried a berlin). they're both excellent guitars, but the newer one has some cosmetic defects (which the older one doesn't have). The only problem with the older ones is that the pickups (generally kent armstrongs) are kinda, well, crap. switch those out, though, and you'll have an excellent guitar.

i haven't tried any carvins so i can't compare there. i'd assume, again, that eggle would be at least as good, if not better.

if you have any more questions, just let me know (if you have some pictures of the guitar, and the serial number, that'd be most helpful). There's also a patrick eggle forum which has a load of good info.
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