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Cut my wrists and black my eyes good
0 0%
Could use a little work
2 100%
Not worthy of something your dog could write.
0 0%
i just threw up
0 0%
Voters: 2.
Doctor Doctor tell me

you've got the cure I that need

something for the sunken ships I've passed and the broken glass i've trecked through on my way. Give me something for my sorrows. If you only had the time that I could borrow. I'd spend it like I always do.

If only you could see what your drugs they do to me.

Catch me if you believe, I'm about to run into the sea.

If you think your what I need. Highly mistaken sweetie you would be.

You're the cause to this disease.
dude i love it.... wicked sick... cant wait to hear it with the instrumental behind it!!

Please crit this. My fav piece that I've written.

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