the music is going to be the bass going 3/5 3 and the second G is sticoto on the e string and then the same rhythm will repeat going up a string so it's the c-d-c then f-g-f and then b flat-c- b flat... and then it's a groove... idk for guitar though... but you're probably not here for the music so here's the song....

Verse 1
Luscious legs ivory sculpture (define your beauty)
crimson lips yearn for embrace (defines your beauty)
blue eyes shimmer like Pluto's surface (defines your beauty)
your aura the happiness you radiate (defines your beauty)

The hurt you've felt. the way your heart can melt
the love you have to share, the lust you've caused, all the stares
do they know what I do the truth behind you?
What you feel is your duty, all of which... Defines you beauty

Verse 2 (I'm just going to but parenthesis and it'll be understood it's defines your beauty)
Luscious locks eloquence that flows ()
Crimson in your eyes from those distressed nights ()
Blue veins you try to hide though it's really what's inside ()
your sinful seduction and innocent introduction ()

A playful eruption the way you present yourself a sinful seduction the truthful part of you

Chorus here...