my strings and the fretboard are really dirty.
how do i clean them? do i need to remove the strings?

thank you
i don't know about the idea of changing strings... is there a difference between original strings that came with the guitar than buying something in store?
there's a lot more choice in store so you can actually choose something that suits you and your favoured genre or style
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You can clean your fretboard with lemon oil.
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if youve only had the strings on for a couple of weeks then buy some Dunlop: Formula 65. i use that stuff alot esp. since i got black strings and u can see everything on them.
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your suposed to chnge your stings every once in a while so you should just do it now. i change mine usually every month.
Buy new strings..strings get rusty..loose their tone...and ****..get new ones
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well since you have a strat u should use 9-42 guage strings and try different brands. you could even try other guages but then you would probably have to make adjustments to your guitar
ok thanks guys... you convinced me :P i'll buy a new set. guess i'll buy some liquid to clean my guitar. how much those cleaning things cost?
Unless you want to pay for or learn how to do basic setups on your guitar.... try to but the same gauge strings it came with. A Rosewood/Ebony fingerboard (not Maple) can be cleaned with 0000 steel wool if it's got gooey deposits on it (left over sweat build up). You basically remove the strings and carefully use the steel wool to wipe up & down (direction of strings) on the fingerboard. This will remove the mung and buff your frets. Don't use anything heavier than '0000' though or you're sanding instead of cleaning. You can also use the edge of a plastic credit card to scrape up the build up first before steel wool buffing or presoften it with naptha (lighter fliud) applied by Que Tip. After that, you sparingly apply lemon oil and rub it in with a soft cotton/flannel cloth.
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