The Stars are Soaked in Blood


The Stars are Soaked in Blood, and their still watching me, from underneath,
To feel the guilt in me, is to fall into nothing, only to belong,
Reflections haunting scream, and memories' cries, exit through me,
Trembling in fear, i stand and watch you bleed, Intentions finally free,

*I'm fighting against, all the world, and all i believe,
Into the heart, attack, a divine heresy,
Tonight i dance in hell with unbound revelry,*

Why do i keep what haunts and ails me, *Down,*
This edge will sink in, an end to my end,
Its such a release, to get whats in me, *Out,*
Just thinking of you, and holding onto what is, *Dead*

Entice, my eager dreams,
Realize, their nowhere close to me,
Clearly, its not what it seems,
Serenity, in agony,

My first post here, tell me what you think, its not quite finished and maybe a bit emo, but i love it.