Hey there. So i re-recorded this song finally and i'm pleased with what i hav e now (considering my equipment lol).

anyways, i would love it if you guys could check out my song on my profile and tell me what you think. it's called rain on me. any kind of feedback would be really appreciated thanks a lot.

be sure to leave a link and i will crit your song as well. thanks!
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Crit as I go.

The structure is very 90's esque.

I really like this song to be frank with you. It reminds me of the grunge days.
To be specific, gives me an alice in chains feeling.

I love how you bring it into the solo. You can really tell where the climax of the song. Classic song structure, similar to songs that I write with my band.

Do you have a band?

for constructive crit, I suggest crankin up the snare a tad bit. Also, torwards the begining, try to put the effect guitar in the backround a bit more.

I really do like this stuff,
I can see you influence shine through with a lot of your own style.

crit mine, we pretty much have the same influences as you do.