okay so i ordered a guitar with a floyd rose and my mom called and said it didnt come with the whammy bar.

so i was wondering if a normal whammy bar, like from a strat, would fit into the floyd rose hole.

you get what im saying ?
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Pretty sure it won't fit, considering Floyd Rose whammy bars are a different thickness than the strat bar. If the guitar doesn't come with a whammy bar you can go to your local guitar store and try to buy one off them. A lot of guitar stores, mine included, usually don't sell whammy bars seperately so not sure where you'd get one in that case.
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guitar center has a few that fit a variety of guitars, you should check that out
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Depends on the model of Floyd Rose. Ofteno no, but you could do it on the short term with some licensed FRs and Schallers.