I just can't get the right tone from gearbox, is anybody else having this problem? I've tried everything, and it still sounds terrible. I use software like Cool Edit Pro and Acoustica Mixcraft but the effects aren't helping at all. If anybody knows any decent tones or programs i can use to set up a decent tone or even a good EQ/Noise gate please let me know. I'm looking for a good Steve Vai tone which i know is hard to get with this crap equipment but i think i can come close.
Any help is appreciated, Thanks
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Everyone says gearbox is great but I and others say its only..."ok"...
The toneports are ok little interfaces (preamps could use some work though) but gearbox is the main reason the tone on the dirty channels is so muddy or tinny.

Try Amplitube or get an multi FX pedal
Thanks, i'll check out Amplitube. Do you think i can achieve a better tone if i record through my Spider III 75 combo first and then out it to the tonport into my PC? Or will i just get the same results.. And does Amplitube work like Gearbox?
"I'll bite into your face just to be close to your eyes"
IMO, gearbox and the Spider amps are going to sound the same...nothing near top notch.
If you like the sound of the spider though, bypass gearbox using the power button at the top right and run a line out the spider record output to the input of the toneport.

Gearbox and amplitube are similar in what they do (model amp and FX) but the UI (user interface) is different.
Just notice this... Hardware > Software.

But, if you're looking for a line-in tone, gearbox is a fine option but the presets in a software are always sucky so you got to turn the oscilators and knobs a little bit to your liking.

Also, gearbox has a metal tone library which you can purchase and it sounds decent.
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if you have much money, take GuitarRig 3 (Software) it has everything you want and if you have even more money, take The GuitarRig 3 With RigKontrol

btw. i think Gearbox is s*it (I have a Toneport, but also GuitarRig software)