So I've been playing Dean Markley customs, 9-46s.

I'm not huge on their sound, but they play very nicely. However, the main problem I have with them is that they break/wear out very fast. I am by no means a player who abuses his strings, and yet I find that I still have to replace them once every 3 weeks or so. (I am winding my strings correctly, etc.)

I'd like to try a set of strings that are good for more technical metal and bends, are pretty full in sound, and don't wear away too easily. I've already tried DRs, I wasn't a fan.

Any suggestions?
Ernie Ball Super Slinkys (9 guage)
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Ernie Ball Super Slinkys (9 guage)

^ Great strings
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Try ernie balls or, if it wont cause you too many problems, give 10's a go.
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Try ernie balls or, if it wont cause you too many problems, give 10's a go.

I've used 10's, thanks. I liked them at the time, but.. I dunno, I just don't favor them anymore.

I'll check out the Super Slinkys, thanks.
I normally go for like 13s but some Ernie Ball 9s would sound just fine.
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