Hey guys my fender Starcaster is acting on the top E string it buzzes when ever I play my cousin said to try to see if the tuning is messed up at but it still buzzes the same thing happens when I press the fret down what should I do?
Look on the bridge, and there's a place you can fit a small allen key in.
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no offense, but if you don't know how to raise the action, I wouldn't recommend doing it. That is most likely your problem.

I don't know where you call home, but there are several guitar stores around me that will do what's called a guitar set-up package for $20-30.. they'll do the intonation, set up your action.. I'm sure they'd be able to fix your problem.

Just bring it in to any store and explain your problem. I tried to monkey with my action on my first guitar years ago, and ended up screwing a bunch of things up.
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