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Waters rocks, though Gilmour is also awesome.
7 78%
Gilmour rocks, though Waters is also awesome.
2 22%
Voters: 9.
Do you guys think Roger Waters or David Gilmour has a more prominent voice of Pink Floyd, not like who sings more, but who speaks out pink floyd more. I think Waters has that more 'in your face' stick it to the man voice which is what I like to think of Pink Floyd as, while Gilmour's got the soothing sounds . Comments opinions?
No *vs* thread, sorry.

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As far as I can tell, they were pretty much equals until the wall, I'd say that's the real tie breaker.
As much as I love Gilmour, i have to admit that Waters had the more prominent role in the band. I mean, he did write the majority of the songs. But I also think Pink Floyd needed both of them as they were
GoDrex, I totally agree, though I do still like listening to them separately. And this isn't a *vs* thread, they BOTH rock
I used to think Waters fit the description of the "prominent voice", so to speak, of Pink Floyd, but after comparing what I've heard from Waters' and Gilmour's recent solo tours, I've realized that Gilmour has the edge. Waters is the man behind the music, but I feel that Gilmour contributes the most to the Pink Floyd sound, and that really shows on the solo tours. Waters' Dark Side tour, while a fantastic show in it's own right, sounds almost like a cover band to me, whereas Gilmour is the real deal.


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