I've been out the game a little while, probably kinda rusty... just let me know what you think?

Reconstruction Begins.

In fragments, an image of self,
much like a jigsaw shattered by a child
or a childish neglect.
even without it's beauty as a whole;
it is somehow magnificent. regardless.

Repairing it would be...
almost criminal,
broken, it is more human.
the remains are outlines,
corner pieces, shattered sides;
no longer connected.
Alike a shell, pierced or crushed,
Left showing the creature beneath.
Showing an individual unprotected,
exposed and wonderful.

But this open door must close
The walls must be rebuilt.
this world is always a storm
in which any sailor would drown
without his boat.
Or man be damned,
without his coat.
And so Reconstruction Begins.
Too much gain = Ears in pain