im thinking of getting a tube amp/head, and im trying to keep it below 1000$. if it is a head, im trying to keep it less than that, so i can get a cabinet. im not too worried about the cost of the cab, because i know people who could make them, and at that point it is just paying for the speakers.

as far as music styles go, i play pretty much everything, from satriani to zeppelin to RHCP to pink floyd to metallica to AC/DC, so I need something fairly versatile.
Im not incredibly into metal, so i dont need some super high gain amp, but id like it to have enough to venture off into that kind of stuff if i get interested.

gearwise, i have an ibanez s470, boss me-50, ds-1, and i might get a tubescreamer. the me-50 can do most effects, so built in effects are not needed, and it has loads of distortions/OD's on it, so i could always boost a low gain amp with that.

I recently saw the traynor Traynor YCS100H Custom Special, and was pretty interested with that, and ive also been looking at the marshall jcm2000. are those amps good choices? any suggestions?
my friend has that. ok i guess, but im looking for something with a much... richer... tone. a little more high end qualitywise
Peavey 5150/XXX

Or if your lucky a used JCM800, Ive seen them on ebay for $950.
Ceriatone Plexi or a budda 18w
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i really want it to have a really good clean sound. ive never played one of those mesas, but ive heard that it [the clean sound] isnt necessarily up to par. anyone play that traynor? the reviews were pretty good on musicians friend, just they were mostly by metalheads