Ive been playing around for two years. I have bought and finished jamorama and emedia rock method. Ive played around with guitar pro.

The problem is these online courses have sort of left me at bar chords. When i come to the speed and the metallica techniques im still lost.

Ive heard terms like arpeggio and sweep picking. My question is what should i go on to learn and in what order?
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The best thing for me was to learn certain parts of certain songs that I liked, such as the solo in Sanitarium by Metallica. Or mabye just a section of a song, a certain riff or fill that you like. You'll beggin to pick things up along the way.
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-Learn Scales (pentatonic, major, minor)
Their uses, their functions, etc. There's a great article on music theory on this website you should read.

-Then learn chords, their functions, etc.

-Learn licks, how to do harmonics, etc.

-Then learn legato, alternate picking, downpicking (use a metronome ALWAYS). There are great lessons and patterns for all of these on this website.

-Then you can move on to tapping, sweeping and anything else that fancies your attention.

-Then you can learn more and more scales and modes, etc.

You don't have to do it in that EXACT order, but that's kind of what I did. And at each stage learn a few songs that have those techniques.
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Thanks for that, you just raped my eyes.

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thx for the help guys.

so i guess scales are first on my list, any particular ones?
C scale is a good one


you can play it backwards and play the first line of Joy to the World. woot.



Buy speed mechanics for lead guitar by troy stetina. It covers scales, alternate picking, legato , sweep picking and other lead guitar techniques. Another option is rock discipline by john petrucci.
Let's go back to five billion bpm and see how good i am.