Well I figure there are Steppenwolf, Grateful Dead, Deep Purple, and other band fans on here, he would like to talk about there stuff. I am a big fan of Steppenwolfs 'Hay Lawdy Mama' (And there other well known famous ones) Grateful dead did a few, but I love truckin. Deep Purple, well smoke on the water got me to listen to space turckin and some others. But yeah, what other bands like these bands do you guys like? I also like the George Baker Slection. Got to love 'Little green bag'.
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There's individual threads for all of these bands (and I love all of them), so I'll let this thread sit and see if BrainDamage allows it to remain open.

If not, post in each of the respected threads (be sure to use Search), and I'll be happy to discuss these groups with you (and of course other members will too), but one thread discussing several bands gets confusing.
Thank God, it's good to see more Grateful Dead fans on here. If you really look around, you'll soon find out that the Dead's style is diverse. The song "Hard To Handle", which was sorta made famous by the Black Crowes, there's a video somewhere on Youtube where they belt that song out, and it's amazing. I love the dead..........And not enough people can name DP songs other than SOTW, but I love Money Talks, which is from one of their newer albums.......And Steppenwolf is just plain cool, sound like the Who, and are just plain rock................
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I don't think Steppenwolf sound that similar to The Who. They sort of emulate the San Francisco Bay sound, though they were actually from Southern California (Los Angeles). Perhaps in the sense that they were a little heavier at times, yes, but apart from that I don't think that Steppenwolf and The Who are very similar.