I am trying to learn this song, but obviously you need a capo

I looked online and found a lot of ideas that worked for a full capo, but none for a partial capo

Yes, I will eventually get one but its been months since all the stores I visit say they don't, and I wanna keep practicing

Any one plz, if you cold send me alink or give me an idea to make my own partial home made capo,

thanx in advance!
knocksvil wrote:

Ted Jensen said "I'm not proud to be associated with this one.".. nice one Ted.. now go and jump in the fire
all you need i a flat dunlop capo, cut it to your size, and replace the fabric with flexible wire so that you can stand it up away from the strings, that what i'd do anyway...
you could try a smaller size capo (banjo?) and try to plant that?


that song makes me smile and want to cry all at the same time.

damn you, andy mckee! RAGH

Andy McKee is made of win... good luck on learning that.

I'd buy a capo and cut it with a hacksaw.

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