I'm trying to solder in some new pick ups to my low end razorback and after i soldered the bridge pick up i was hit with a surprise
i found that coming from, what i can only say, the inside of the guitar, then soldered further up to the neck pick up, is a little black wire and i have absolutely no idea what the hell it does
i was wondering if any of you dear sweet people could shed some light on the situation before i go off soldering it off then finding out i need it
what annoys and puzzles me further is the pick up im trying to replace it with is a single conductor (a seymour duncan '59, if you were wondering) so it doesn't actually have another little black wire i can solder to the one already there
i can take pictures to help if needs be, and probably will be needed, but, PLEASE HELP!!
Is it the ground wire for the bridge? That should be grounded from one of the pots to the bridge.
yea it sounds like the ground wire for the bridge. It stops the metal hardware from picking up any unwanted noise. If this isnt on there or soldered properly usually you can hear a change in the buzzing sound when you touch the strings or bridge...
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thanks guys!
so will it matter if i unsolder it?
i already know how to solder on the 59 model properly anyway, grounding it and things
is it grounding or earthing? i know what im doing i just dont know my terms =[
Quote by Bertallica
Is it the ground wire for the bridge? That should be grounded from one of the pots to the bridge.

no i dont think so, as it is soldered onto the bare wire of the neck pick up and then it goes into the body, never to be seen again...
and if it helps anyone
it isnt soldered onto the neck volume pot AT ALL or the bridge volume pot, nor the tone pot
its soldered on the bare wire of the neck pick up then it goes INTO the body of the guitar
alright people, picture time

apologies for their size, nothing i can do about that unfortunatly
im assuming you mean a tremelo arm, meaning floyd rose bridge or some other sort
tis one of the lower down ones, so it has a fixed bridge
i bought it specifically for the fact it doesn't have a tremelo bridge
the model is a "dean roazorback db cbk"

fixed bridge
stock pick ups
two volumes per pick up, one master tone
I don't know what your wire is, but "ground" and "earth" mean the same thing.