I'm about to purchase an acoustic for doing some gigs and that, and just wondered whether i should buy an acoustic or electro acoustic, due to my budget i was wondering if i'd get a better acoustic for the same price as a not so good electro acoustic.

It'd be mainly used for gigging.

I've been looking at the Yamaha FG730's, as i have a budget of about £200, maybe a bit more, which i guess is about 350 - 400 dollars.

Any suggestions on which i should get, and/or any suggestions on any specific guitars would be great.

Thanks very much in advance!
Reviews make the Ibanez Electro Acoustic AEL20E out to be pretty good at $350 USD. I got it based on that as my first guitar, so im sure i'll say at some point.. "This thing SUCKS!" and a few minutes later understand its me that "Sucks"
well my guitar i got at a discount but it's a jasmine takamine... plays nice and it's acoustic electric....
but back on your topic if your using it for gigs than i suggest an acoustic electric...
To me, acoustic-electric guitars dont sound as good as acoustic guitars mic'ed. But you might not be able to afford a reasonable acoustic and a reasonable mic, so it might be best to get a reasonable acoustic-electric?
if you're going to be using the guitar primarily for gigging when you will be in an environment that requires you to be amplified... get an acoustic-electric. at your price range, i would recommend going with something from the Takamine G-Series or Alvarez. i'm not sure what you have available to you in the UK, but something like these is exactly what you're looking for:


the yamaha you mentioned is a great guitar at a great price, but it isn't acoustic-electric.
thanks very much for all the feedback, yeah it'd deffinilty be used primarily for gigging, and i'll go to my guitar store on saturday and just have a look around and try a few out, cheers again!