Read before reading.....I appreciate all feedback given on this thread, but if you have actually played a plexi or any other amp your mentioning, please state that so I know. Because we all know what rumours are like UG. Anyway thanks guys

Hello guys, as you might already know. Im interested in replacing my DSL401 with a new amp in the near future to accompany a new levi blade rh4. Anyway I play virtually anything from funkadelic right the way through to clapton, hendrix, sabbath, megadeth etc. Would a plexi have enough gain for megadeth levels with a OD etc? And have that high impact low end? And how well it clean up? Would a 18w ceriatone be the best best, bearing in mind I will be using a 2X12 cab. Most proberly fitted with electrovoice EVM12Ls. And would an 18w have enough headroom?

Cheers guys. Just give us any general feedback on plexis, or 800s or recommend me other alternatives. Cheers
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enough headroom for what?

gigging with a full band non-mic'd up and still being clean?
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bump? 18w 36. Only bumping cause im off to bed, so it comes up u yankees forums
Music is the holy grail, sod wine water and the blood of jesus