My dads guitar body and neck is mahogany and rosewood fretboard. It is beautiful. I was wondering about this guitar i googled it and cannot find much about it he spent $800-$1000 on it in 1988 in Germany (he was patrolling the Berlin wall at the time) when he was in the army. I was wondering if it was mahogany or not and if the fretboard is rosewood. She is a beauty tobacco sunburst color with strings still there all expect one from 1988 that should be replaced but meh memories they have served. I was wondering how many guitar like these are left? Not really wondering about how much i can sell it for but you can tell me if you want i guess. It is a Ibanez Performance
acoustic pf20tv by the way.

(sorry for the length of the post and grammar because i suck at typing in not uber 1337 crap due to amount of time playing online games i learned bad grammar in forum posts
lesson learned mmorpgs do not help you spell things or type correctly)

I'm rob by the way so call me rob or sparob

[edit found a image on it cool! this is what it actually looks like]
dads guitar.jpg
if you can post some larger pictures of the actual guitar, i can tell you what kind of wood it is. just based on logic, i'd say that yes the fretboard and bridge are probably both rosewood. they MIGHT be ebony, but i doubt it.