I'm interested in a tremolo for my Damien 6, but I didn't feel like getting the model with the FR because I didn't want to bother with an FR and generally, OFR's and LFR's tend to be a bit unreliable from what I've read. I like the simplicity and look of the Bigsby, but I was wondering if they made one that would be compatable for Schecter (or any) carved top guitars.

I really have no idea what a Bigsby would do on a guitar like my Schecter, however, so if it's just a dumb idea let me know.

Hahahaha, very creative, but no, the bigsby would not fit with the schecter.
Plus, since your playing schecter, im guessing your into metal, and the bigsby wouldnt really suit your style of playing.

But if you really want to then go for it.
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What kind of sounds are you looking for? A Bigsby won't give you more than a subtle vibrato compared to a Floyd... and OFR's and most LFR's are pretty reliable provided they're set up right. They're a pain for a day or two after a string change, but after that they're easier to deal with than fixed bridges, provided you don't need to change tunings.
It would look pretty hilarious, or ****ing cool.. I'm not sure...

I don't think you can do those massive Dive bombs like a more conventional trem system would give you for that type of guitar (FR)
Well it's not necessarily that I want a "metal" sound, I don't really play purely metal. I just got a Schecter because it felt the best to me, but I play a bit of everything and I felt that the sound I was getting out of the guitar was pretty versatile compared to the models with active pickups and basically most other guitars in my price range. And I wasn't looking to do massive dive bombs, either...I was just looking for a simple trem vibrato.

Also I think it would look pretty neat...different, but what's wrong with being different?

Shame that I wouldn't be able to get one to fit.