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Hells yea, it's all I do
86 81%
Not really
20 19%
Voters: 106.
Hi there,

I've been on UG for about a month now, and I've realized something about this forum. Many people in most parts of the forum are VERY intelligent when it comes to guitar (i.e. I've seen these people in the Shred forum/metal forum/electric guitar forum/guitar gear and accessories forum ect...

But a lot of the people I see in the 'Pit', I see a LOT. As in, everytime I venture into the pit. I often click on their profiles to see what gear they have, and they have nothing (lol) with no pictures of guitars up. I'm under the impression that a lot of people in the pit don't play guitar, or are atleast not serious about it .

So I ask you pit goers, are you a serious guitarist? Do you practice your balls of practicing that sweep picking? Or that blues lick that you just want to get down, so you practice all day/all night?

Or do you just sort of come to UG, only go into the pit, and don't really care about guitar (maybe strum the acoustic/electric every now and then playing riffs over and over)

Cheers mates, poll coming up.
I'm very serious with guitar. It's my life. Will be my career as well.

By the way, you forgot MT when mentioning smart forums. MT fuc*ing rules.
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not having pics of your gear doesnt mean youre not serious. it just means you have nothing to show off with
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I'm not really serious, I love to play and write stuff, but I can't be arsed learning technical stuff, it's not my thing and I find it hard to take in stuff that I'm not interested in.
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i'm serious about it. my parents have gone so far as to stop me playing so that i concentrate on revision
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Ive always been serious. Since Ive been playing for about 8 years now I feel Ive learnt everything I need so take breaks time after time. And just because people dont have their gear listed or a picture doesnt mean they dont play. We all joined this forum for guitar.
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I'm super cereal about it.


i love guitar. i play everyday
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Maybe I don't care enough about strangers looking at my gear to take photos and put them on my profile or even write all the stuff I buy into there? Or maybe I'm not able to be really serious about it yet because I'm too young?
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yeah like a few of my friends haven't played their guitars in like a month or so and i play it atleast 2 hours a day practicing especially now that I'm on summer break, i want to get real good and be able to play really fast and really clean and understand what I'm playing and write a million riffs. But yeah like most people i want to be in a famous metal band and be able to do what i love because seriously, i cant picture myself in the normal world doing a normal job and not accomplishing anything great.
Used to be serious about it...but then i got a gf, started my degree etc. and didnt have much time for it :/
But now im single again and on a 3month holiday, im back on the guitar!
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haha wizards, I hadn't realized Cyndi Lauper wrote for Fight CLub!!

they're unrelated... But I always pictured the charachter Bob like this

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I'm serious about it. I'm not working on sweep picking or blues licks, but I am trying to learn how to be a better songwriter.

I didn't mean if you were serious, you have to work on sweep picking/blues licks
You know, there is a thing called hobby? Some people skip stones, others ride bikes, others play guitars.

I mean, would I like to make a job out of guitar? Yes. Can I? I prefer the realistic ·probably not, at least not touring with a major band" than the delusional "I'm gonna make itz attitude"

Then again, I'm very serious about guitar.
Quote by dp2007
i'm serious about it. my parents have gone so far as to stop me playing so that i concentrate on revision

Same here, whenever I head up to revise or do homework and I always get distracted by the charms of my ESP and I just get metal.

TS, most Pitmonkeys mix between forums though, I'm in the metal forum and here about equally; although the forums do seem to attract many specialists.
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So you think the people that spend a lot of time doing up their profiles are more dedicated to guitar than the people who dont have a lot on their profiles?
One day guitar playing will be my career. Until then I'm doing the sneaky sneaky magic stuff with the hot thingies and high bye....
Im really serious about playing my guitar. I want to make it into a career and stuff. I love playing my guitar, and i found it funny when my mate asked me 'Don't you get bored of playing that?' and i said 'Hells no'. I'm always playing it, hells, I'd sleep with it if i werent afraid of rolling over and breaking the neck or something. I don't no much theory, very little as a matter of fact. And i dis agree on the 'Grades' system, cause i just think that puts a tag on how good you are, and from this site, i have learnt that there are no wrongs in playing the guitar, just what feels and sounds good. I pour my heart out into my playing. Im no Slash or B.B King at all, but i always feel better playing the guitar.
I play all the time. Mostly when I'm just watching TV or something, I just screw around on guitar. My parents hate it.

I doubt I'll ever get a career in music, but having it as a hobby is fine for me. I'm gonna get a band together and record my own songs because I love doing it... I don't need to be paid.
I don't devote myself to playing guitar, but a lot of my time is spent doing or thinking about music-related things. I don't really "practice" playing guitar. I just play. I don't go in The Pit much, though.