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Which celebrity death do you think will affect you most.
It can be anyone, celebrity, film star, musician etc.

Mine would be Christopher Lee, Ian McKellen, Flea, Slash and Duff McKagan and Anthony Kiedis.
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Eddie Van Halen, Ozzy, and prob. Slash as well.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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Oh, celebrity.

Angelina, Mr Urine, Mr Depp
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Probably Stephen Fry, David Bowie or Morrissey. I'd say Stephen would hurt the most. I just love him
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myles kennedy + mark tremonti

would say slash, but he has it coming and he's brought it on himself
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if my wife or children become celebrities, their deaths will affect me the most.

if i HAD to choose i would say Jimmy Page or Brian May, because they have done so much for music and still have a lot in them.
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celebrity, film star, musician etc.

Mine would be Christopher Lee

He's all three

For me, it'd probably be any musician I like. I'm not bothering to make a massive list.

I wouldn't exactly be jumping around if it was a musician I didn't like. Just pointing that out. I don't sit around waiting for them to die.
Jack Nicholson and Eric Clapton
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John Butler, Christopher Walken and Stephen Colbert.
Hopefully it doesn't happen. Ever.
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brian may, steven fry, bill bailey, steven hawking, tuomas holopainen
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any member of dream theater
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Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page.
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Mikael Åkerfeldt - the genius behind Opeth.

Yes, that one will suck very, very big balls.

Any of the Dream Theater guys, except James. They can only find a better vocalist.

Arjen Anthony Lucassen. He's done so much in Ayreon.

Devin Townsend. He lives fairly close to me.
bob dylan, no contest.
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Probably Stephen Fry, David Bowie or Morrissey. I'd say Stephen would hurt the most. I just love him

Just don't think about that, it's a horrible thought. But he's got about twenty five to thirty years left in him - he's in his fifties.

I'd be pretty crushed if James May kicked the bucket before his time, he's just brilliant fun - cleverest of the Top Gear trio, I think the funniest and he's a great guy.
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2 pac
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Tokio Hotel is probably the worst thing Germany has produced since WW2.

alex scholnik of testament would ****ing blow. Hell anybody from testament would blow.
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Any Member of Lamb of God (don't flame, I'm a huge fan)

I guess Jimmy Page, Bruce Dickinson, Angus Young (AC/DC was my "gateway" that eventually led me to metal), I'm pretty sure that's about it.
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dave mustaine, synyster gates (Brian Haner) mark speight...woops.. too late lol

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Barack Obama, Matt Bellamy, Noam Chomsky, Tom Morello, John Butler, John Petrucci

Probably some more.
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Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page.

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Rolf Haris....

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