I'm not getting any answers in the Customizing and Modding section so I moved here...

On my Fender MIM HSS Strat... until i mod it and make it SSS with Texas Specials... my friend told me i should put a silver humbucker cover on my bridge bucker...

I have never seen it before on a HSS strat... anybody ever done this before?..

Not sure if i am going to do it... i might save it for my starter epiphone special II... which i kept for modding purposes...

Pics, Comments, Concerns on the Bucker cover on My Strat

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I found it. Don't know if it is what you are looking for. You could PM Ninja23 and ask about it. You'll have to scroll down to find final mod.


PS. I just searched on what I told you to search on.

Actually that is not a bucker cover it is a bucker out of his LP. May not be what you were looking for. I do that it will prolly affect your tone if you put a chrome cover over normal buckers.
I see it... i am going for the HSS obvouisly... but his looks amazing... thanks for your help
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Amps dont matter.
to avoid microphonics you'd probably need to wax pot it on...
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